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Sparrows Point once embodied the power of American industry. Since the steel mill closed in 2012, our community has battled to adjust to life without thousands of local jobs. For years, the 3,250 acre site failed to meet its economic potential – until now. Tradepoint Atlantic, which purchased the site in 2014, has a plan to revitalize Sparrows Point and restore it to its former glory while embracing a brighter, cleaner future. This plan is projected to create nearly 20,000 jobs.

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Site History


Sparrows Point

The Pennsylvania Steel Company purchased the original Sparrows Point property from local families in 1887. Steelmaking began in 1889. Bethlehem Steel Company acquired the property in 1916 and grew substantially through World War II. Sparrows Point became the world’s largest iron, steel and tin producer, employing 30,000 workers and supplying projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge, George Washington Bridge and various WWII ships.

In the early 1960s, the rise of imported steel and new materials use started to threaten the US steelmaking industry. Despite ongoing investments, the mill could not remain competitive. Bethlehem Steel filed for bankruptcy in 2001, and after a series of new owners also failed, steelmaking ceased in June 2012.