The Commitment

Tradepoint Atlantic is committed to revitalizing Sparrows Point
and embracing a brighter future for our entire community.

Cleaning up Sparrows Point

As a result of 125 years of steelmaking, the Sparrows Point site is burdened by challenging environmental conditions. When Tradepoint Atlantic acquired the site in 2014, it voluntarily signed landmark agreements with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Maryland Department of the Environment to clean up the impact of a century of steelmaking. Under the Maryland Voluntary Cleanup Program, Tradepoint Atlantic has funded $48 million in a regulatory trust including $3 million to the USEPA for offshore cleanup costs.

Training Our Future Workforce

The Tradepoint Atlantic Workforce Opportunity Network was developed through collaborative efforts with area workforce development officials and the Community Colleges of Baltimore County. The network focuses on promoting local workforce, providing relevant training in the transportation, distribution and maritime logistics industry sector, and connecting workers to employers locating to Tradepoint Atlantic. In line with the network’s goals, Tradepoint Atlantic sponsored a job fair in July of 2017, where almost all of the 150 interested applicants were hired by FedEx Ground for positions within their new Sparrows Point facility.


Building an Inclusive Economy

Tradepoint Atlantic actively participates in and supports Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) outreach events sponsored by the Md. Washington Minority Contractors Association (MWMCA). In addition, Tradepoint Atlantic has hired an MBE consultant and developed an internal MBE outreach program to develop a list of qualified MBE contractors who are eligible to bid on Tradepoint Atlantic related contracts and projects. Tradepoint Atlantic also developed an MBE policy that requires contractors to report to Tradepoint Atlantic management regularly on the progress of using small business and MBE contractors, where possible.


Honoring a Legacy

Recognizing and honoring the legacy of union labor at Sparrows Point, Tradepoint Atlantic worked with local union leaders and adopted a Project Labor Agreement in 2016. The Project Labor Agreement establishes an even playing field for union contractors to be notified of all bids on Tradepoint Atlantic-managed construction projects and requires prevailing wage be used on all bids, union or not. Several projects currently underway at Tradepoint Atlantic have active union participation.

Committed Long-Term Private Investment

The Tradepoint Atlantic ownership has committed to providing over $2 billion in private investment to ensure the success of the project.