The Plan

An innovative agreement with Baltimore County to support the transformation of a former steel mill into a 21st century multi-modal logistics hub, creating a new industry and jobs for Baltimore County.

Infrastructure Improvements

Laying the critical groundwork needed for redevelopment,
the Sparrows Point Revitalization and Infrastructure Agreement will pay for:


5 public roads including the installation of storm drain systems which will be built to county standards, combining nearly 4.5 miles of public roadway

4 miles of sanitary sewer mains

Over 6 miles of public water mains


Proposed Infrastructure Buildout

Map of the Improvements  


Site Disrepair

The Sparrows Point Infrastructure Agreement will pay for upgrades to aging roadways, water and sewer mains; critical improvements needed for the site’s next phase of revitalization


Fulfilling the Vision

The Sparrows Point Revitalization and Infrastructure Agreement is an innovative public-private partnership with Baltimore County that will fund the public infrastructure such as water lines, sewer lines, and roadways needed to realize our vision and secure private investment for Tradepoint Atlantic’s master plan.


Under the Agreement, the watermains and sewer lines needed are proposed to be paid for as a County capital project out of the Metropolitan District Enterprise Fund. These funds will be offset by connection fees and substantial future water and sewer bills from Tradepoint Atlantic and its tenants. Moreover, the public roads needed will be funded upfront by Tradepoint. Those costs would then be reimbursed through a portion of the funds that the State of Maryland pays to Baltimore County for new projects within a designated Enterprise Zone.


3 Facts About the Infrastructure Agreement

1)   Unlike the Proposed TIF, under this plan Baltimore County will immediately begin to benefit from the new property tax revenue generated by the re-development of the former steel mill.

2)   Tradepoint will forward fund $34 million in new roadway infrastructure and will seek re-imbursement through the earned Enterprise Zone Tax Credit payments the State of Maryland will make to Baltimore County.

3)   Baltimore County through the Metropolitan District Fund (Metro Fund), a program designed to fund public water and sewer projects will fund $44 million to extend and upgrade the water and sewer system to serve Sparrows Point. Connection and usage fees paid into the fund by Tradepoint Atlantic and its tenants will offset the project costs over time.

Tradepoint Video


Creating America's Premier Industrial Gateway

The redevelopment of Sparrows Point is driven by its unique and unmatched logistical and infrastructure assets

  • 3,250 acres of industrial land
  • Located within a day’s drive of a 1/3 of the US population
  • Deep water berths
  • Direct rail connections
  • Interstate highway access

21st century multi-modal global logistics hub

  • 14.4 million square feet of large scale industrial buildings and manufacturing facilities
  • Expanded on-site rail services and capabilities
  • Renovated deep water berth capacity

Sparrows Point is poised to become the United States’ premier industrial gateway

  • Allowing goods to easily flow from ship to rail, to storage, to highway and back again.
  • It will provide a compelling value proposition for prospective manufacturers, e-commerce distributors, shippers and commodity handlers.
  • In the process, TPA will address the environmental impact left behind by the former steel mill.

Master Plan

Tradepoint Atlantic’s master plan will develop over 14.4 million square feet to become the country’s premier industrial gateway.

Environmental Cleanup
  • Continued progress on the environmental cleanup through $48 million in funding to the EPA and MDE, which will remediate the site of hazardous waste from decades of environmental damage.
Rail Connectivity
  • New rail infrastructure and first-class marine services that will easily flow from ship to rail and turn Sparrows Point into a global hub for commerce and innovation again.
Modern Facilities
  • State-of-the-art facilities for logistics and manufacturing businesses that will bring new industries and well-paying jobs back to southeast Baltimore.
Community Amenities
  • A proposed vibrant, mixed-use development with green space and a variety of retail offerings for the entire community to enjoy.

Sparrows Point

A Generational Transformation